Positive Book Review

Another positive book review from a very satisfied reader of our book:

“Recently joined a startup to design and develop a new analytics software heavily using OO Design patterns, this book helped a lot to grasp and review concepts…”  see review

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Singleton Pattern in Java EE

The singleton pattern is one of the most well known design patterns and is used extensively by frameworks such as Spring. Java EE offers an elegant and easy way to implement the singleton pattern. By adding the @Singleton annotation to a class you can turn it into a singleton bean as shown in the following article about the singleton pattern implemented in Java EE.

Deploy a Spring MVC web app in less than 5 mins with Codenvy.com

unnamweweed With codenvy’s cloud IDE you can create, deploy and version control a web application in less than 5 minutes. I will show you how to do this in a step-by-step tutorial. Click here to find out how to deploy a Spring MVC web application in less than 5 mins with Codenvy.com.

Maven compiler arguments

You can add compiler arguments to a Maven build script like so: